Top Ten Wolverine Factoids

With “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in cinemas next friday, takes a look at everyones favourite adamantium clawed superhero


A quick lesson in zoology, before we get under way with our Top Ten Wolverine Facts. You’d be forgiven for thinking that wolverines were members of the Wolf family but in fact wolverines are the largest members of the weasel families. They are known, much like our anti-hero, for their foul temper, their immense strength (it has been documented that a wolverine can kill a moose) and their amazingly sharp claws and powerful jaws. The US state of Michigan is also known as ‘The Wolverine State’.






9. Origin



Born in the 19th Century, Wolverine was first called James Howlett (he would later be more commonly known as Logan), son of a Canadian plantation owner, a series of tragic events and chance encounters would force James to flee his home and change his name to Logan. Following a stint in both World War I and II, he is recruited by Team X and it is at this point the Logan’s mind becomes nothing more than fragmented memories; kidnapped by Weapon X, experimented on, his bones are layered with Adamantium and he is gifted/cursed with his trademark claws. Before finally taking his place with the X-Men, Wolverine works with Department H, becoming one of Canada’s first superheroes.

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