Top Ten Toons Transformed

With the release of Michael Bay

10 Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin, Simon and Theodore, the all singing and all dancing chipmunks are back and they are CGI animated, oh and they rap too! They graced our screens from the early eighties right until the nineties, and these brought mischievous adventures and a love for song – in the 2007 film, Alvin and his brothers meet Dave Seville, played by Jason Lee, a struggling song writer and all their problems are solved, well sort of, because where the chipmunks go, mischief and mayhem is sure to follow and when a corrupt music executive tries to split up this unique family, they face their greatest ordeal ever.

9 Care Bears

‘Care Bear Countdown…4, 3, 2, 1 Who’s the coming from somewhere up in the sky?’

Probably the cutest, most lovable bears on television, the Care Bears, thought an entire generation, to love share and care for one another and with their magical powers they saved the world from the clutches of the sinister clutches of No Heart and his niece Shreeky. In their movie debut, the task of protecting a young magician from an ancient and evil spirit fall on the shoulders of the colourful and cheerful bears and their friends Kim and Jason.