Top Ten Queen Bees

As Beth Cooper joins the ranks this week, we take a look at our top ten favourite queen bees of the high school movie.

Hayden Panitierre takes a break from saving the world in Heroes to indulge in some less humanitarian behaviour in new high school flick I Love You Beth Cooper, as she decides to show up at the door of the nerd who has always had the hots for her and give him a night he’ll never forget (for both good and bad reasons).

The popular girls in high school movies have been ensnaring the loins of the jocks and the hearts of the nerds for years now (by calculated or innocent means), so we think it’s about time to celebrate our top ten high school queens!

1. Regina George (Mean Girls)

Rachel MacAdams as Regina George is definitely our number one high school queen bee. As leader of a very exclusive group called The Plastics, she rules the school with an iron fist; right down to deciding who can (herself) or can’t (her friend Gretchen) wear hoop earrings. She also has an amazing line in caustic wit that is truly a joy to behold and is so on the money that her “Burn Book” causes a school riot. As outsider Damian says, Regina is fabulous…but evil!

2. Mandy Lane (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane)

In the world of the high school queen bee nothing has more power than the tactic of getting hot over summer. You leave one school year an ugly duckling then return as ehhh… a totally hot swan. So it is for Mandy Lane who suddenly becomes extremely popular with the in crowd over summer. A trip to a remote house proves somewhat disastrous however as Mandy’s angelic looks may be hiding something more sinister!

3. Lux Lisbon (The Virgin Suicides)

Like Mandy Lane, the Lisbon sisters are the still point at the centre of their high school thanks to their seemingly untouchable nature. The girls are an obsession for every boy in school without them even trying – they are beautiful of course but also irresistibly mysterious. Although it has to be said one of the sisters is a little less untouchable than the others, specifically Lux, played by Kirsten Dunst. Lux catches the eye of high school hunk Trip Fontaine – wanted by every girl in the school but only interested in “stone cold fox” Lux.

4. Cher Horowitz (Clueless)

While Regina George rules her high school with an iron fist, Cher rules hers with the velvet glove. A serial trendsetter and match maker, she is something of an unusual character in that although she may get things hideously wrong sometimes, she always means well. Among the things she gets wrong of course is her outfits – most of the time she looks like Teen Barbie, long socks and all, though it was the early nineties! Still it shows just how much influence she has over her high school set when people are willing to follow her down such fashion dead ends.

5. Veronica (Heathers)

Here at we like our high school princesses to have a bit of a dark side; enter Winona Ryder as Veronica in 80’s classic Heathers. Veronica may have it all as one of the popular set in her high school but she’s also very easily bored. When she meets Christian Slater’s J.D. she sets about blowing her life as little miss popular apart, which unfortunately involves quite a bit of murder. It makes a refreshing change from the psychotic outsider!