Top Ten Kid Heroes

As we prepare for the students of Hogwarts to get all heroic again this Friday, salutes some of cinema’s best kid heroes.

Harry, Hermione and Ron return to our screens this Friday in the eagerly awaited Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. This will be the sixth time the wizardly trio have fought the forces of evil in the shape of their nemesis Voldemort. How they manage to fit all that in as well as keeping up with their homework is anybody’s guess! This week, looks at some of our other favourite small-fry heroes.

1. Data – The Goonies

The Goonies is perhaps the best ensemble cast of child actors ever to grace our cinema screens. Somehow they all manage to be funny, charming and adventurous without ever going into the dangerous territory of precocious child star. We could really pick any of the team but our vote goes to Data. Data is the guy we’d want to have around us in a crisis; Chunk may have the Truffle Shuffle but Data has all manner of Inspector Gadget contraptions going on inside that raincoat.

2. Sam – Lost Boys

If you think Kiefer Sutherland is terrifying now in his Jack Bauer phase, you should see him with a peroxide mullet. You know when a kid is able to stand up in the face of such a hairdo that they are truly heroic! Enter Corey Haim as Sam, who must fight against the most terrifyingly 80’s bunch of vampires ever to emerge from the coffin; including his heart-throb brother Jason Patric. Sam makes for a great hero because he’s endearingly normal – a nerdy and immature younger brother fighting the forces of darkness.