Top Ten Irish Films celebrates all things Irish this Paddy’s Day with our top ten Irish films

(1)My Left Foot

My Left Foot poignantly tells the true story of Christy Brown, an Irish writer-painter who was born with cerebral palsy and only had the use of his left foot. Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance is an emotional tour de force, perfectly capturing Brown’s mercurial temperament. Both he and Irish actress  Brenda Fricke won Oscars for their portrayal of the Brown family.

(2) The Commitments

Based on Roddy Doyles novel, director Alan Parker presents a decidedly unromantic portrait of working-class Ireland, and he does it with flair and authenticity. Ambitious wheeler-dealer Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Arkins) thinks that Dublin needs a top-rate soul band. A series of hilarious auditions produces a motley crew that may in fact be the real thing. The 1991 film remains one of the best music movies ever made.



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