Top Ten Iconic Screen Masks counts down the top ten most iconic movie masks – from the the terrifying, the inspirational to the down right kinky!

For all our European neighbours out there, this week brings Carnivale to a close – a festival seeing people taking to the streets for parades, parties and masked celebrations. Sadly the best we can hope for in lil’ old Ireland is some pancakes with lemons (delicious as they were!) but it did get us thinking – what are some of the most memorable movie masks from cinemas history? To celebrate, we’ve come up with our top ten iconic screen masks – from the terrifying, the inspirational to the down right kinky. Enjoy!


Well we couldn’t really have a list of masks without including a film with the same title, could we? The mask transformed Jim Carrey into an even more Jim Carrey-ed version of Jim Carrey with Grinch-like skin, stretchy arms and the propensity to function in cartoon physics. Expect a sequel soon – shudder.


It’s not so much a mask as a jail cell for Hannibal Lecter’s mouth, but it’s by far one of the most terrifying ones on this list. It physically restrained Hannibal from eating people’s faces, but it never did contain him for long. Gory genius.