Top Ten Goals Scored In Movies

With The Damned United in cinemas Friday, we look at ten of the best goals scored in the movies


Michael Caine, captain and manager of a team of Allied POWs is using chalk and blackboard to explain the tactics he wants his side to use in an upcoming game against the German national side. He advocates passing to wingers and tossing crosses into the box. Watching in bemusement, football legend Pele gets off his bunk bed and takes the chalk from Caine. He then proceeds to mark out how he would take the ball from the edge of his own area, weave through the opposition (“like this, and this and this” before getting to the opponents box – “then I shoot. Goal – easy.



We enter the film by way of McGregor’s famous voice-over exhortation to “Choose Life”. We also receive an introduction to his comrades on a five-a-side football pitch. From their OTT tackling it’s clear Begbie and Sickboy aren’t to be messed with. The camera than turns towards Spud (Ewen Brember) in goal, sporting a Superman logo, seemingly petrified as the opposing team advance on goal. When a shot on goal comes in, Spud jumps spectacularly over the ball: a technique that all those who play Sunday football in the park will recognise ruefully.

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