Top Movies of 2013

It’s that time of year again, where the journalists sit down and work out how many hours we spent in the dark, eating popcorn and slurping fizzy drinks.

Between January and November 2013 we spent the equivalent of four solid weeks locked inside a cinema eating popcorn. It was tough narrowing several hundred films down to just thirty. After many fights and tantrums we agreed on the below list, a jolly mix of art-house and blockbusters and surprisingly two Irish movies made it into the top 10… both are available now on DVD so you can still catch them if you haven’t yet.

Disagree with any of our choices? Let us know your top 10 movies below… 

1/ Gravity
2/ Captain Phillips
3/ This Is The End
4/ Philomena
5/ Django Unchained
6/ Behind The Candelabra
7/ Good Vibrations
8/ Iron Man 3
9/ The Way Way Back
10/ The Irish Pub

11/ Star Trek Into Darkness
12/ Rush
13/ Elysium
14/ Blue Jasmine
15/ Saving Mr Banks
16/ The Act Of Killing
17/ Very Extremely Dangerous
18/ Les Miserables
19/ Alan Partridge : Alpha Papa
20/ The Conjuring

21/ World War Z
22/ About Time
23/ We’re The Millers
24/ Wreck It Ralph
25/ Blue Is The Warmest Colour
26/ Paradise : Love
27/ The Great Gatsby
28/ Doctor Who – The Day Of The Doctor
29/ Cloud Atlas
30/ Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

* Note – The list only goes up to November 2013.
We weren’t lucky enough to see all of Decembers movies before completing the poll. 

Its pretty likely that FROZEN, ANCHORMAN 2 and the upcoming HOBBIT sequel would all make our revised top 30.  

2012 Top  Movies
1/ Argo
2/ Avengers Assemble
3/ Skyfall

2011 Top Movies
1/ Drive
2/ Black Swan
3/ X-Men First Class

2010 Top Movies 
1/ Inception – 14.95% votes
2/ The Social Network – 9.25%
3/ Toy Story 3 – 7.47% votes