Top Dog Movies

With three canine inspired movies this month, is going barking mad

Great Danes to Tiny Terries, Hollywood has always had a love of man’s
best friend and this month sees three canines coming to Irish cinemas –
first we have Disney latest classic “Bolt”, followed by “Hotel Dogs”
and then, the much anticipated “Marley and Me” at this year’s Jameson
film festival before its nationwide release in March. To celebrate all
three pics, we’ve composed a list of what we consider the best movies
celebrating the canine contributions to cinema. Feel free to bark at
the order of the list, but all of these films have left an impression
on us and we believe helped cement the view of the canine (and their
owners) in pop culture.




From Christopher Guest comes yet another class faux-documentary. “Best in Show” follows several different dog owners on their way to the Westminster Dog Show-gay dog owners, good old Southern boys, obsessive-compulsive yuppies and rich and eccentric debutantes all make their stories known. A dry and satiric comedy in which the dogs are the sanest animals in the movie, anyone who has ever been to a dog show will be howling at this one.