Top 5 XMen Origins Wed Like To See

With the success of Wolverine this weekend, picks its five favourite X-Men characters worthy of their own origins tale.

The figures are in and – in spite of pirating – Fox can breathe a sigh of relief with X-Men Origins: Wolverine taking in a massive 85 million dollars in its opening weekend. And with such a solid box office beginning the question is – where do we go from here? There are of course many directions the studio could head in, direct Wolverine sequel being the most obvious but given we here at are quite taken by the idea of Origins sequel. With that in mind, we count down our top five X-Men characters who deserve their own movie.





She’s professor X’s choice to lead the gold team (while Cyclop led the blue). She’s been revered as a goddess, she’s had her powers stripped away, she’s been a petty thief, she’s pretty much done it all. She’s also got a ruthless side to her, one that’s willing to kill — a trait that not all superheroes possess. The downside to Storm Origins pic? Two words: Halle Berry.