Top 5 Video Game Conversions embraces its inner geek and takes a look at five of our favourite video game adaptations.

So you have saved the princess, you defeated the invading alien force, you’ve survived a massive onslaught of radioactive zombies and you obtained the six golden keys that allow you access to the forbidden cave and complete the game 100%  Ok, well that makes you a nerd, but don’t get us wrong nothing wrong with being a nerd, and are here to help you embrace that with our top 5 video game conversions.

Super Mario Bros

One hundred gold coins and you get an extra life, too bad we can’t say the same for this movie. It had high hopes in the box office but unfortunately there was nothing super about this movie aside from its super-dive into the flop list. Follow our daredevil plumbers Mario and Luigi as they embark on adventure of a lifetime to rescue Princess Daisy from King Koopa and his Jurassic army…

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