Top 10 Dads Wed Like To Meet

As Father’s Day approaches, salutes all things patriarchal with our top ten onscreen dads we’d like to meet.

Families in film have a tendency to be a little dysfunctional; after all who wants to look at the perfect family? At the heart of most of these dysfunctional families usually sits the father; head of the family but also in most cases the main source of familial strife or oddness! As Father’s Day approaches, we look at some of our favourite movie dads – some bad, some good but all with interesting parenting techniques.



1. Don Corleone: The Godfather

You may not want to inherit the unusual jaw line, but Don Corleone as a father would undoubtedly have its merits. Nobody would bully you at school for one thing. Ideally you’d want to be his daughter (“protection” from undesirable men, big wedding) rather than his son (taking over the family business, inevitable decline into hollow-eyed moral bankruptcy).