There Will Be Blood Exclusive Clip

8.5 Hours is a complex portrayal of a working day that has extraordinary implications for the four characters whose lives are linked by sharing an office together in a small software company. Each of the characters experiences a series of events that changes each of their lives, some events influenced by the other characters where their paths cross, others occurring independently and lived out in the character

Our video below shows Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) as he is publicly disgraced into admitting he is a sinner at the local church by fanatical preacher Eli Sunday (Paul Dano). This powerful clip features some of the finest acting you’ll see all year and will give you a taste for what’s sure to be one of the biggest movies of the year.

Daniel Day Lewis of course is nominated for an Oscar, which we’re convinced he’ll win this Sunday. The biggest puzzle of this years awards is why Paul Dano wasn’t nominated, his acting is so strong and at times many of the films most dramatic scenes lie on his shoulders. Either way, expect big things from ‘There Will Be Blood’ at the Oscars this weekend.

‘There Will Be Blood’ opens in Irish cinemas on Feb 29th