Ten things you need to know about Oscar Isaac

We bring you the facts about the star of THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY and IN SECRET…

Oscar Isaac had several small roles in big films, but his breakout came when he starred in the Coen Brothers’ folk music odyssey; INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. This week, Isaac stars in not one, but two films released in Irish cinemas; THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY and IN SECRET. We took the opportunity to find out more about this talented actor.

1. Born and Raised
Isaac’s full name is Oscar Isaac Hernandez; the actor was born in Guatemala, but his family relocated to Miami, Florida when Isaac was a young child.

2. Familiar Face
If Isaac looks familiar, that’s because you have probably seen him in screen before; he had roles in many films, including DRIVE, ROBIN HOOD, SUCKER PUNCH and THE BOURNE LEGACY.

3. Justified Friends
While on the set of INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, Isaac became friends with co-star Justin Timberlake, and got a sneak listen to The 20/20 Experience, which Timberlake was recording at the time.

4. Study Buddies
Isaac studied acting at the Julliard School with Jessica Chastain; the two are set the star in JC Chandor’s next film; A MOST VIOLENT YEAR.

5. Sing, sing, sing!
Oscar played in a band called The Blinking Underdogs during his time in Miami, and did all his own singing for INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. Isaac also sang on stage for the INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS celebration concert last September. The concert, ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER TIME, will be released in cinemas next week.

6. Lose Yourself
Isaac immersed himself in the work of Dave Van Ronk, the musician who inspired INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. Having learned he needed to play for the audition, he listened to everything Van Ronk had ever recorded, read his book The Mayor of MacDougal Street, and began learning more of his songs.

7. Trouble Maker
Isaac liked to cause trouble in school; he set off a fire extinguisher in the gym, defaced a mural in order to make his fellow students laugh. He was eventually expelled.

8. …A Galaxy Far Far Away
Isaac has been announced as a cast member for the upcoming STAR WARS: EPISODE 7, along with our own Domhnall Gleeson. Oscar was a massive fan of Star Wars when he was a kid; even going so far as to throw theme parties.

9. Hello Kitty
Although he spends much of his time on screen with a cat in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, Isaac actually strongly dislikes cats, having got an infection from a cat bite when he was young.

10. …From the Machine
Oscar will also star with Domhnall Gleeson in Alex Garland’s directorial debut, EX MACHINA. Gleeson plays a young coder brought to spend a week at his boss’s villa, only to discover that he is expected to take part in an experiment with the world’s first truly artificial intelligence. Isaac will play the reclusive CEO in the film directed by the man who wrote THE BEACH, DREDD, NEVER LET ME GO, 28 DAYS LATER and SUNSHINE for the screen.

THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY and IN SECRET are in Irish cinemas from May 16th.

Words: Brogen Hayes