Ten things you need to know about Olivia Wilde

We bring you trivia about the star of DRINKING BUDDIES

DRINKING BUDDIES is released in Irish cinemas this weekend. The film stars Olivia Wilde as Kate, a woman who spends her time at work flirting with her friend Luke (Jake Johnson), even though they are both in relationships with other people. When beer enters the equation, Luke (Jake Johnson) and Kate realise that the lines between friendship and relationship can be very blurry. Movies.ie took the opportunity to find out more about our favourite former HOUSE actress; Olivia Wilde.

Earlier this week, Wilde announced that she is pregnant with fiance Jason Sudeikis’s baby.
… We send our congratulations to the parents to be!

Olivia married her high school boyfriend when she was 18. Tao Ruspoli is the son of Prince Alessandro Ruspoli, 9th Prince of Cerveteri, which made Olivia a princess… For a while.
… Tao and Olivia got divorced in 2011.

Olivia attended Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.
… She also has dual Irish and US citizenship.

Wilde has a dog named Paco who, in 2006, was the mascot for Old Navy.
… It seems her talent inspired her dog to greatness.

Olivia is a natural blond.
… And beautiful no matter what her hair colour.

Olivia is a descendant of Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, through her son James V, King of Scotland.
… It seems Wilde was born to be royalty!

Adopted her professional name ‘Wilde’ after she developed a profound respect and admiration for Irish poet and writer Oscar Wilde and his body of literature.
… Another Irish influence. We’ll take that!

Numerous times throughout the series, Dr House mentions watching The O.C.. In season four Olivia Wilde joins the cast as a series regular. She also played a recurring part during season two of The O.C.
… Truth is stranger than fiction… Or this is just a weird coincidence.

Wilde’s futuristic gear on TRON LEGACY was so effective that when she showed up on the set one day out of costume, after 2 month’s work, she was stopped by a security official who demanded to see ID.
… Aww. Poor Olivia.

In 2011, Wilde wrote and directed the short film FREE HUGS, which captures the rock bottom moment of post-breakup wallowing, when friends lose their patience…
… We’ve all been there!

DRINKING BUDDIES is in Irish cinemas on November 1st

Words: Brogen Hayes