Ten things you need to know about Mila Kunis

We bring you some facts about the gorgeous star of Oz The Great and Powerful

With Oz The Great and Powerful hitting Irish cinemas this week, we have gathered together some facts about actress Mila Kunis that we feel you really ought to know…

Mila Kunis’s big break was as Jackie in That ‘70s Show. She had to be 18 to audition for the show and, even though she was 14, she told casting directors that she would be 18 on her birthday… She just didn’t say which birthday.
We like your style, Mila! Don’t let little things like age get in your way!

In January 2011, Mila revealed that she suffered with an eye condition called chronic iritis that had caused blindness in one eye and had to undergo surgery to correct it. Also, Mila’s eyes are different colours; one is brown and the other, green.
It seems Mila is a trooper.

Mila replaced Lacey Chabert – Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls – as the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy.
Go back and watch season one of Family Guy. Meg sounds weird.

Her birth name is Milena Markovna Kunis
We think Mila suits her better too.

Before landing the role as Rachel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Mila made some movies that we’re almost universally panned – American Psycho 2, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, Moving McAllister and Boot Camp.
Never heard of them? It’s OK, neither have we.

Mila Kunis is a self confessed fan of World of Warcraft and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
What’s better than a beautiful woman? A beautiful nerdy woman.

Last year a worker at her home had a violent seizure and Mila applied basic first aid until paramedics arrived.
Mila is a real life hero!

After being asked in a YouTube video, Mila went to a US Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina, with Sgt. Scott Moore.
Not only does this make Mila seem like a real person, but it makes us like her more.

Mila is terrified of insects.
We are not fans either.

When promoting Just Friends with Justin Timberlake, Mila defended his choice to make movies to a Russian journalist… In Russian!
It also seems Mila doesn’t like silly questions…