Ten things you need to know about Lake Bell

Brush up on your knowledge of the creator of In A World…

IN A WORLD… hits Irish cinemas this week. The film, written, directed by and starring Lake Bell, tells the story of a woman trying to break into the notoriously male-centred world of movie voiceovers. To celebrate the release of the film, and the fact that Lake Bell is a talent to watch, Movies.ie has gathered together trivia about the multi-talented star of IN A WORLD…

Lake Bell, in an interview with NPR, says she believes that young women everywhere have caught chronic ‘sexy baby vocal virus’; in other words, adults taking like little girls.
… She went on to say ‘I grew up thinking a female voice and sound should sound sophisticated and sexy, a la Lauren Bacall or Anne Bancroft or Faye Dunaway, you know. Not a 12-year-old little girl that is submissive to the male species. I can’t have people around me that speak that way.’

Bell has lent her voice to animated works including TRON: UPRISING and SHREK FOREVER AFTER.
…The inspiration for her new film comes from her personal journey to become a vocal actress; she says she is ‘obsessed’ with the world of vocal acting.

Bell got her big break when she was cast in THE PRACTICE, and her character was carried over into the spinoff; BOSTON LEGAL.
… Bell left the show in 2005.

Met husband, tattoo artist Scott Campbell, when he was portraying himself on the set of the 2011 HBO series HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA.
… Within a few months, he had tattooed Lake’s name on his back. Aw!

Lake has an automotive column in The Hollywood Reporter, called Test Drive.
… Just when you thought you had her all figured out!

Bell was supposed to act in SCREAM 4 as Deputy Judy Hicks, but cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.
… Marley Shelton was her replacement.

Bell worked with much of her cast from IN A WORLD… in the past.
… She starred in OVER HER DEAD BODY with Eva Longoria and A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY with Rob Corddry. She also directed two episodes of Corddry’s Adult Swim Show; CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

According to Lake Bell, there are almost no notable film trailers that have employed female voice-over talent except for GONE IN 60 SECONDS, which used Melissa Disney.
… Melissa Disney makes an appearance in IN A WORLD…

Bell acted in PROP 8: THE MUSICAL; a Funny or Die sketch that supported equal rights for Gay and Lesbian couples.
… Her character was simply called ‘Scary Catholic School Girls From Hell’. Nice.

Bell will next be seen in MILLION DOLLAR ARM; the new film from Craig Gillespie of LARS AND THE REAL GIRL and the FRIGHT NIGHT remake fame.
… The film centres on a sports agent who stages an unconventional recruitment strategy to get talented Asian cricket players to play Major League Baseball.

IN A WORLD… is in Irish cinemas from September 13th

Words: Brogen Hayes