Ten things you need to know about Johnny Knoxville

We bring you trivia about the star of JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA

The star of JACKASS is back on our screens this week, but not quite as we know him. In JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA, Knoxville recreates one of his Jackass characters, Irving Zisman who journeys cross-country with his grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll). We have a soft spot for Knoxville, and the ridiculous antics he gets up to, so we jumped at the chance to bring you some factoids about the star of JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA.

JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA came about after Knoxville and Nicoll bonded on the set of FUN SIZE.
… At least something good came out of that terrible movie.

Johnny’s real name is Phillip John Clapp.
… Knoxville definitely has a better ring to it, and is an homage to Johnny’s home town.

Knoxville credits a copy of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, given to him by his cousin, singer-songwriter Roger Alan Wade, with giving him the acting bug.
… That’s a rather odd starting point, but inspiration often comes from unusual places.

At the age of eight, Knoxville had flu, pneumonia, and bronchitis all at same time and nearly died.
… Wow, this certainly throws the dumb stunts of JACKASS into stark relief.

When Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine pitched the idea of JACKASS to several different TV networks, there was a bidding war between Comedy Central and MTV over the idea. MTV won.
… Before Jackass premiered on MTV, Knoxville and company turned down an offer to perform their stunts for Saturday Night Live on a weekly basis, though Knoxville later hosted a 2005 episode of the show.

During the filming of JACKASS: THE MOVIE, Knoxville was knocked unconscious three times.
… And like the trooper he is, left the footage in the film.

Knoxville’s film THE RINGER was pushed back when the studio was concerned over it’s content – the film is about a man who tries to compete in the Special Olympics by posing as a contestant.
… However, according to IMDb, the film was given the Special Olympics’ blessing.

While filming JACKASS 3D, Knoxville broke his penis – yes, really – when, even though he can’t ride a motorbike, he tried to flip one and slammed into the handlebars.
… Johnny had to catheterise himself for some time afterwards, but from what we hear, he’s fine now. Phew!

Knoxville turned up to the Dublin JACKASS 3D premiere dressed as a pirate.
… Admittedly, the premiere took place around Hallowe’en, but somehow we don’t think Johnny needs an excuse to dress up!

In 2009, Knoxville was arrested at LAX airport for carrying an inert hand grenade in his carry-on luggage.
… He was released when it was determined that the item was a prop from a commercial, and that an assistant had packed his bag for him.

JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA is in Irish cinemas from October 25th.

Words: Brogen Hayes