Ten things you need to know about Joel Kinnaman

We bring you all the facts about the star of ROBOCOP

ROBOCOP, the remake of the 1980s sci-fi thriller, is released in Irish cinemas this week, and stars Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman as police officer Alex Murphy. Already a big name in his native country, we gathered together some trivia about the man who becomes Robocop.

Kinnaman’s birth name is Charles Joel Nordström.
… He took the name Kinnaman from his father.

Joel beat out Michael Fassbender, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Russell Crowe for the role as Alex Murphy.
… Impressive!

When he first heard of the Robocop remake Kinnaman wasn’t interested in being in it.
… That all changed when he talked with director Jose Padhila, who told him his vision for the movie.

Kinnaman is best known – to date – for playing the lead role in the Swedish film EASY MONEY (SNABBA CASH) and it’s sequels.
… Two of which were screened at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival last year.

Joel’s international film debut was in 2012’s THE DARKEST HOUR.
… Joel played Ben and Sean (Max Minghella and Emile Hirsch)’s business partner Skyler.

Joel also played Frank Wagner in the long running JOHAN FALK Swedish film series.
… There are 12 films in the crime thriller series, and Kinnaman starred in all of them!

Kinnaman was in the running for the lead role in THOR.
… Unfortunately, he was unavailable the fly to the US for test shoots with Natalie Portman because of his commitments to EASY MONEY.

You may recognise Joel for his role in THE KILLING as Stephen Holder.
… Netflix has picked up the show for a fourth and final season, which will consist of six episodes.

Kinnaman’s sister is actress Melinda Kinnaman.
… It seems talent runs in the family.

Joel is currently working on his next film, titled CHILD 44.
… Based on a book by Tom Rob Smith, the film sees Kinnaman reunite with his ROBOCOP co-star, Gary Oldman.

ROBOCOP is released in Irish cinemas on February 7th.

Words: Brogen Hayes