Ten things you need to know about Eran Creevy

We bring you factoids about the director of WELCOME TO THE PUNCH

Welcome to the Punch hits Irish cinemas this week, and we have pulled together 10 things we think you should know about director Eran Creevy.

Creevy won Best Dance Video at the UK Music Video Awards 2008 for Utah Saints’ music video Something Good 08
Thankfully the Running Man dance did not make a come back in 2008, despite being heavily featured in the video.

Eran Creevy directed ads for Coca-Cola’s energy drink Relentless, Carlsberg, the Nike Plus campaign for W&K Amsterdam, the US Coastguard and the hit US television show The Chase.
Creevy is not the first director to start off by making commercials; Snowtown director Justin Kurzel started the same way.

His first film, Shifty was made for £100,000
Impressive! The film was supported by Film London Microwave, which certainly helped.

Shifty was nominated for a BAFTA, 5 BIFAs and named as one of Empire magazine’s best films of the 2009.
Not bad for a film with a miniscule budget.

Now that Sam Mendes has said he is not returning to the Bond franchise, Creevy is one of the names that the rumour mill is mentioning.
We support this; it would be interesting to see what Creevy could do with the franchise.

Creevy worked as additional assistant director on Neil Jordan’s Breakfast on Pluto.
We knew there had to be an Irish connection there somewhere!

Movies.ie was one of the first places where Creevy talked about Welcome to the Punch, although we didn’t know the title back in 2009…
“I have written an epic crime thriller in the vein of Heat or Infernal Affairs which was remade into The Departed. It is a big, epic British crime thriller, which is not trying to be parochial. It deals with epic themes; it’s got government conspiracy… I want it to have the visual look of 2046, with the social realism of something like Shifty and the epic scope of something like Heat.” 
You heard it here first folks!

Actor Jason Flemyng got Creevy his first job as a runner, on Layer Cake.
Flemyng was dating Creevy’s friend’s sister at the time.

Shifty was shot in 18 days.
We imagine this led to many sleepless nights.

Creevy directed the steampunk-esque, alien invasion video for Take That’s 2011 song, Kidz.
Although the location looks like London, the video was actually shot in Bulgaria.


Words: Brogen Hayes

WELCOME TO THE PUNCH is in Irish cinemas now