Ten things you need to know about Benedict Cumberbatch

We bring you the facts about the star of THE FIFTH ESTATE

THE FIFTH ESTATE is released in Irish cinemas this week. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. As well as this, Cumberbatch’s dreamy voice features in the latest trailer for THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG, which debuted last week. Since his breakout role in BBC’s SHERLOCK, Cumberbatch has become a star to watch, so we gathered together some trivia about the actor.

UK PM, David Cameron, has already praised Benedict’s performance as Julian Assange in THE FIFTH ESTATE.
… In an interview with ITN’s political editor, Tom Brady, Cameron said “Benedict Cumberbatch – brilliant, fantastic piece of acting. The twitchiness and everything of Julian Assange is brilliantly portrayed.”

His fill name is Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, and he started his career using the surname Carlton. When he told someone his real name, they pointed out that he could use this unusual name to stand out.
… And we are glad he followed that advice. Benedict Cumberbatch is such a great name!

Cumberbatch starred in the TV show FORTYSOMETHING, as Hugh Laurie’s son. Laurie’s most famous character, Dr. House, is loosely based on Sherlock Holmes, a role that would later garner Cumberbatch wide acclaim.
… Coincidence? Yeah, actually, it probably is.

Benedict Cumberbatch not only lends his voice to Smaug in THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG, but he also did all the motion capture for the dragon.
… That sounds like it was much more difficult than swanning into a sound booth for a few days. 

Benedict is known for his impressions of Alan Rickman and David Tennant. He even played Alan Rickman in an episode of THE SIMPSONS, entitled ‘Love is a Many Splintered Thing’.
… Cumberbatch showed off his skill, rather charmingly, on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2010

Benedict is fond of extreme sports like skydiving, hot-air ballooning, scuba diving, skiing and high-speed motorcycling.
… He even appeared in an episode of TOP GEAR earlier this year, where he showed off his driving skills.

Speaking of extreme situations, when he was filming TV mini series TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH in South Africa, Cumberbatch was involved in an attempted kidnapping.
… Thankfully, he managed to talk his way out of it; “I argued my way out. I said: ‘If you leave me in here, it’s not the lack of air, it’s the small space. There’s a problem with my heart and my brain… I will die, possibly have a fit, and it will be a problem for you. I will be a dead Englishman in your car. Not good’.” PHEW!

Cumberbatch filmed his audition for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS on his iPhone in a friend’s kitchen.
… The actor also accepted his role in the film without knowing who he would be playing, he just knew it would be a villain!

Cumberbatch – and Martin Freeman – appeared in a video shown at Comic Con, where the actor revealed how his character survived his fall in the last episode of SHERLOCK.
… And it’s brilliant. Watch it here

According to IMDb, Cumberbatch has currently got 10 projects in production, including THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR and the HOBBIT trilogy.
… No word on when SHERLOCK series 3 will air though. Boo!

THE FIFTH ESTATE is released in Irish cinemas on October 11th
THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG is released on December 13th

Words: Brogen Hayes