Seven Movie Hookers Wed Like to Meet

Hollywood hookers ahoy as picks seven of the best on screen hookers!

Hollywood loves a good  hooker. Ever since Julia Roberts put trick-turning on the mainstream map in Pretty Woman,  the  “hooker with a heart of gold” has become one of the industry’s most beloved characters. Here, we count down seven of our favourite gals and guys up for rent!

Lynn in L.A. Confidential

Kimmy earned an Academy-award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of a prostitute who made a career out of her resemblance to 1940s movie star Veronica Lake. She managed to make both Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce swoon. Not bad….

Ophelia in Trading Places

When a broker’s reputation is ruined and his bank account is emptied out, the hooker who was hired to break off his wedding engagement gives him a place to stay and helps him make his money back. This was Jamie Lee at her best and before all those pesky hermaphrodite rumours took off.

Iris in Taxi Driver

New York really doesn’t get any gritter than Jodie Foster playing a 12-year old hooker. Fortunately things brighten up when she escapes her pimp and falls in love with Robert DeNiro’s sociopathic killer. Everyone loves a happy ending…

Foxy Brown

In this seminal blaxploitation flick, the original Fox Boogie Brown infiltrates a hoe house by pretending to be one of the girls. Watching her castrate someone is reason enough to avoid real life prostitution dens…

Luenell in Borat

Borat travels thousands of miles to “marry” Pamela Anderson by putting her in a burlap sack, memories of this hooker he met along the way help him find the true meaning of love.

Lana in Risky Business

The hooker/client dynamic can be a complicated one. Take
Lana; she may have robbed from Tom Cruise, ruined his dad’s Porsche and got him involved with pimps but she also helps him recover all his shit before his parents return home and even has her hooker homegirls service a Princeton University interviewer to help him get admitted. Love is never simple…

Vivian in Pretty Woman

American Gigolo Richard Gere cleans up his act from working those streets and women and becomes super rich and successful. Then he goes out and falls in love with a hooker himself and the very attractive ex-prossies live happily ever after! Awwww…