Seven Movie Characters Wed Like To Hang Out With makes out its wish list of movie characters we’d like to meet…

If you could spend some time with any movie characters who would it be? Perhaps you’d like to have a drink with Humphrey Bogart at Rick’s Cafe? Or get a new hairdo from Edward Scissorhands? We’ve picked out seven classic movie characters we think would make pretty interesting company.


1. Harry Lime (The Third Man)



Harry Lime as played by the always enigmatic movie legend Orson Welles is an opportunistic scoundrel of the highest order…but we still love him. The Graham Greene created character has some pretty mercenary views on politics and isn’t above trading medicines on the European black market but he pulls it off with a sparkle in his eye and a cheeky smile. We’d love to take a trip on a ferris wheel with him!

2. Roy Batty (Blade Runner)



Granted, spending some time with Roy Batty (played by Rutger Hauer) wouldn’t exactly be a barrel of laughs. This is one intense replicant! Still, if he can pull a speech like this one out of thin air as he faces death, imagine what other great stories he would have to tell! We don’t know about you, but we’d like to listen to his intergalactic tales over a pint or two.

3. Sugar Kane (Some Like It Hot)



If we could pick any movie girl to have a great night out with it would be Some Like It Hot’s Sugar Kane. First of all, as she’s played by Marilyn Monroe she’s not bad to look at. Meanwhile, she always keeps a flask of the hard stuff about her person and could be relied on to whip out her ukulele and belt out a tune at a moment’s notice. She’d be great value at a party!

4. Norville Barnes (The Hudsucker Proxy)



Meeting Norville Barnes (played by Tim Robbins) would be a guaranteed way to brighten anyone’s day. One of the sweetest characters ever committed to celluloid, Norville has a childlike openness and an irresistible sense of fun. We’d suggest a day of hula hooping and factory tours, all rounded off with a soda at the drugstore.

5. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)



Whoever thought chaos theory could be so interesting? When Ian Malcolm is explaining it (Jeff Goldblum), it suddenly becomes a little more rock n’roll. As well as being an interesting nerd, Malcolm is also something of an action hero and manages to make it through Jurassic Park without being eaten- that’s impressive! We would have paid a lot more attention in science classes if we had had Dr. Malcolm as a teacher.



6. The Dude (The Big Lebowski)



Of course we couldn’t leave out a character who is so popular, fans have even set up a religion in his honour! Jeff Bridges as the legendary Mr. Lebowski is so laid back he’s verging on horizontal but he’s a sweet guy who we think would be great, mellow company. No doubt a day spent with The Dude would involve listening to some classic rock, several White Russians and a lot of bowling.


7. Seymour (Ghost World)



On the opposite side of the scale to The Dude but no less interesting company is the highly strung Seymour from Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World (Steve Buscemi). A great uptight Buscemi character, Seymour is a man a little uneasy with the modern world. He hides himself among his various collectables from years gone by. We’d love to rummage around his collection of old jazz records and provoke him into a rant or two!