Quiz Dead Or Alive Actors that came back from the dead

Jason Statham is making resurrections cool in Crank 2 this weekend, so cool we thought we’d base this weeks quiz on the subject…

It’s the most frustrating plot turn in any story, a character dies, sometimes is buried then hey presto – they’re back on our screens again, thanks to the magic of resurrection.

Every show on TV from Heroes to Lost is at it, even Eastenders got in on the act with the infamous revival of Dirty Den.We’re still curious how Jason Statham is returning to this weekend’s Crank sequel, the previous movie seen him plummet to his doom but really there is no such thing as dead in the world of cinema.

This weeks quiz looks at the slightly morbid subject of coming back from the dead, try as we might we still couldn’t think of a good question to ask about The Crow…

The quiz needs Flash 7 or higher installed to load. Let us know how you get on.



Crank 2 is at cinemas everywhere from April 17th