Poll Joaquin Phoenix Hoax or Breakdown

With Joaquin Phoenix’s last ever film in Irish cinemas later this month Movies.ie ask – is his retirement and rap career a hoax?

Over the last few months Joaquin Phoenix has become the punch line for many a media-act. His new found rap career, his baffling appearance on David Letterman and most recently when Ben Stiller  parodied that same oddball appearance at the Oscars.


But the real question is – is it a hoax? Sources vary depending where you read – with some suggesting the former actor is merely following his passion while others believe his retirement and rap career are all part of a larger project he is working on (perhaps part of the documentary being shot by Casey Affleck?)


If he is serious about quitting acting, Pheonix has picked the perfect film to go out with – “Two Lovers” – which opens in Irish cinemas later this month – is a beautifully made romantic drama that truly shows what a great acting talent Phoenix can be. But what do you think – – should Phoenix retire? Is it all part of an elaborate hoax or is he the latest Hollywood actor to meltdown?

“Two Lovers” is in Irish cinemas from March 27th.