Poll Hugh Jackman The Oscars

Did Hugh Jackman have the X-Factor at this year’s Oscars or should Wolverine stick to what he knows – vote now!

As any of you who stayed up Sunday for our live Oscar bloggin’ will know, we heart Hugh Jackman. He sang with gusto, danced with aplomb and yes – his space-aged dance to “The Reader” almost made us want to see Australia… Almost.


But what did you think of Hugh’s first year as host of the Oscars? Should he return next year? Did the Aussie star charm you with his opening montage and salute to musicals – or did Wolverine have you longing for the days of Billy Crystal? Have your say on Hugh Jackman and your own personal Oscar highlights in the comment area and poll below:)







Was Jackman the highlight of your Oscars – or was it Tina Fey falling in love with Steve Martin – post your highlights below!