Palme DOr predictions

The 64th Cannes Film festival is drawing to a close, and the topic of conversation has turned from Lars Von Trier to the Palme D’Or.

Who will win? Who deserves to win? We take you through what we think are the top five contenders for the prestigious Palme D’Or at Cannes this year.

The Tree of Life


The frenzy to see Terrence Malick’s long awaited movie led to a physical altercation outside the Palais De Festivals on Tuesday. The Tree of life polarised critics, and has been described as the Marmite film of In Competition – you either love it or you hate it. That being said, if enough on the Jury love it, that’s all that’s needed.

The Artist

The Artist was originally to screen out of competition. Then suddenly it was moved in! Why? Well, quite simply, it’s brilliant. No one was talking about it before the first screening, but by the time we walked out two hours later, everyone was talking about it. This could well be the surprise win of the festival.


Before Lars Von Trier’s infamous comments, there was a lot of excitement for Melancholia. We had seen Malick create the world the morning before in The Tree of Life, and here came Von Trier to destroy it. Well the world was destroyed, but sadly Von Trier’s film suffered from pacing issues and a lack lustre second half. Melancholia may still win the Palme D’Or, but we will be surprised if it does.


There has been a lot of talk about Michael, Marcus Schleinzer’s film about an abusive relationship between a man and a child that he has kidnapped. Doesn’t sound very cheerful, and it’s not supposed to be. Michael is a film that will stay with you for a long time after you have watched it, and may scoop the big prize.

This Must Be The Place


Sean Penn’s performance in This Must Be The Place is wonderful, and the film is quiet and still – for the most part. We are not sure if this is enough for the Jury though. As we left the screening this morning, more than one person was saying that we had just seen the winner. We, here at, are keeping our fingers crossed for an Irish win, and we don’t think that we are going too far wrong with this one.

Honourable Mentions: Drive and Polisse


Words – Brogen Hayes