Our picks for Best Original Song at the 2014 Oscars

We take a look at which songs should be nominated for an Oscar, now that Alone Yet Not Alone has been disqualified from the race…

Late last night, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that Alone Yet Not Alone, from the film of the same name, a nominee for Best Original Song has had it’s nomination rescinded. We know that no other song will be nominated in Alone Yet Not Alone‘s place, but we decided to take a look back at which songs we think should be nominated instead, anyway. There were some great movie songs in 2013, and we wanted to give them some love.

Doby by Ron Burgundy, from ANCHORMAN

A love song to a shark sung by Ron Burgundy? We are definitely in favour of this, and not least because Will Ferrell sang it for us at the Dublin Premiere of ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND CONTINUES. The song was actually long listed for an Oscar, and we think it’s a crime it didn’t make the short list, not least so Will Ferrell could sing it, in character, at the awards on March 2nd.

Elastic Heart by Sia (ft. The Weeknd and Diplo), from THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE

Technically, Elastic Heart would not be eligible for a nomination since it was written for the soundtrack of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, but Sia is such an incredible songwriter – she wrote Perfume for Britney and Diamonds for Rihanna – that we feel it’s time she got some Oscar recognition for her talent.

Please Mr. Kennedy by Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver and Justin Timberlake from INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS

One of the only original songs on the INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS soundtrack, Please Mr Kennedy is a perfect example of how an intentionally bad song – written by T-Bone Burnett – actually turns out to be strangely great. It’s a shame the song is not eligible for an Oscar due to Academy regulations because the silliness of the song, combined with Justin Timberlake’s surprisingly earnest vocals makes it an incredibly catchy tune.

Love is Blindness by Jack White, from THE GREAT GATSBY

Used to stunning effect in the trailer for the movie, Love is Blindness was not even considered for an Oscar because it is not an original song; it’s a cover of a U2 track. A true shame, since Jack White’s version is filled with power and emotion, and seems to sum up Gatsby’s feelings about love and obsession. It’s a complete earworm, and a rare cover version that, it can be argued, equals the original, if not surpasses it.

Everytime by James Franco – SPRING BREAKERS

Another song that is not actually eligible for an Oscar, but James Franco’s piano version of Britney’s Everytime is not only a lovely version of a truly sad song, but it is also used in such a surreal and jarring way in the film that it truly deserves some kind of recognition. Alien sings his heart out, showing us his sensitive side, while Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson dance around him, wearing pink balaclavas and carrying assault rifles. Surely this is so weird, it’s brilliance?

Theoretically speaking, which song from a 2013 movie would you like to see nominated now that Alone Yet Not Alone has been disqualified? Let us know in the comments below.

Words: Brogen Hayes