Movie Wars Star Trek vs Terminator

It’s the battle of the sci-fi reboot this summer with Star Trek going head to head with Terminator but which film are you most looking forward to seeing? investigates!

This summer is shaping up to be a season of sci-fi reimaginings with JJ Abrams’ Star Trek and McG’s Terminator the biggest contenders of them all; but which sci-fi epic will take home the gold? pits the pair head to head in this week’s Movie Wars.



Bale vs. Pine



For their leading men – McG and Abrams have gone in two very different directions. McG has gone Hollywood A-list casting Christian Bale as the adult John Connor and while his recent outburst may have discredited the man there is no denying his talent – from American Psycho, The Machinists, and of course Nolan’s Batman reboot. Playing Kirk in McG’s reboot is the lesser known actor Chris Pine. Having looked through his back catalogue – it’s fair to say sci-fi fanboys won’t be recognising his work – which includes Smokin’ Aces and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Still, Pine may be one to watch out for with the actor recently named as a possible contender for Seth Rogen’s Green Lantern but for the moment, Terminator wins in terms of which actor will get bums in seats.



Terminator 1 : Star Trek : 0