Movie Wars Mr Sinsister vs Sebastian Shaw

With Kevin Bacon confirmed for X-Men: First Class, looks at what villain should take the Bacon…

With Kevin Bacon recently confirmed for the upcoming X-Men prequel ” X-Men: First Class” our attention has turned to what villain Bacon should play. Web speculation has listed Mr. Sinister and Sebastian Shaw as the two chef contenders. But who should take the Bacon? investigates!

Mr Sinister:

Who? Fans of the carton will be no stranger to Mr. Sinister. Sinister, a gifted geneticist, who was himself genetically altered by the ancient mutant Apocalypse. His powers included strenght, telepathy, flight as well as the ability to suppress the powers of other mutants.


Storylines: He was behind the scenes messing with the X-Men since Cyclops was a kid. He’s responsible for creating a clone of Jean Grey.


Why Sinister? There’s no denying Sinister is one cool character and with Cyclops believed to be playing a big role in the movie, the storylines may sync up; that said, visually it may be hard to realise the character who does appear somewhat dated – we don’t need a repeat of



Sebastian Shaw

Perhaps a lesser known character to some, Sebastian Shaw was president of the notorious Hellfire Club, a wealthy organisation with designs on world domination.

Storyline: Shaw’s Hellfire Club was involved in the Dark Phoenix saga (in which the club is instrumental).


Why Shaw: The hotly tipped favourite, Shaw is the lesser known character, but he has more room for maneuver.



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