Movie Wars Mila Kunis vs Natalie Portman pits Black Swan versus White Swan as we prepare for Darren Aronofsky’s latest flick

Everyone is talking about Black Swan and in the spirit of doing what everyone else is doing we hop on the bandwagon and get our teeth into the movie. So decided that to really heat things up, we should pit the two leading beauties against each other. It’s Star Wars Natalie Portman versus Family Guy Mila Kunis, in a duel that we’d pay good money to see.

Humble Beginnings vs. Early Roles
At 13 years of age Natalie Portman landed her first role as a young girl called Mathilda who befriends a hitman when he saves her after her family are slaughtered by corrupt police agents. It was role that was set to catapult her into the world of Hollywood and highlight just how strong an actress she could be even at such a young age.

Mila’s career kicked off at the age of eleven, landing her first real role as a character on the super soap opera Days of Our Lives. From there she appeared in various commercials, supporting roles and the like (including starring alongside Angelina Jolie in Gia) however her big break didn’t come until she landed the role of Jackie in That 70’s Show, lying about her age, the 14yr old was cast as the preppy and spoiled teen.
Mila might have taken more risks in getting her career going but Natalie picked her roles well and the first round goes to her.

Robot Chicken vs. That Rap

Beautiful, smart and funny, Mila Kunis is the voice of perhaps on of the most underrated animated sitcom characters this century, Meg Griffin. Unafraid to show her love of potty humour, fart jokes and some things a little controversial, Kunis is also a regular voice on the hit show, Robot Chicken.
Now our Natalie is no stranger to comedy either and we all remember her rap debut…

Who knew Natalie had such a filthy mouth but we like her wild side!
Unfortunately for Nat, a night on SNL isn’t enough to convince us she could tickle our funny bone all night so Mila is set to take this round.

Risqué Roles


Neither Mila or Natalie are shy about taking on darker roles, as is clear from their performances in Black Swan but with only one point left for the actresses to score it all comes down to who has taken the bigger chance.
Natalie was willing to shave her head for the role of Edie in Alan Moore’s “V for Vendetta”, taking on the role of a young woman caught up an attempt by a radical terrorist to take down a tyrannical government. We watched her performance as she was brutalised, beaten and broken and she brought a lot of life to one of our favourite characters in the series. Afterward Natalie also gave a lecture on ‘counter-terrorism’ as part of a series at Columbia University.

Mila is not one to shy away from a tough performance and we’ve seen her take up the mantle of a serial killer in the sequel to American Psycho. However the film wasn’t nothing like it’s predecessor and while Kunis performance was one of the few saving graces the film was panned and the actress has since found herself pigeon holed into comedies and romance.


Our final point is awarded to Natalie making her the winner of this Movie Wars. However Mila has proven herself as an actress willing to push the boundaries of her comfort zone and we’re pretty sure that in her own time she will be able to take on Natalie again some day!