Movie Wars Mandy versus Miley

It’s a battle of the tween queens this week as we pit Miley Cyrus versus Mandy Moore

Nothing says Movie Wars like two teen queen idols battling it out and this week brings you two of the biggest idols of them all – preteen heart throb, actress and singer, Miley Cyrus takes on everyone’s favourite girl next door turned fashion designing singer and actress Mandy Moore. To keep the fight clean, we pit Miley’s latest movie against one of Mandy’s classics, that ought to limit the hair pulling and name calling…for now anyway.


Plot versus Plot



The Last Song is Miley’s latest starring role on the big screen, she plays Veronica Miller or Ronnie for short, a rebellious teenager who dashed her parents hopes of fulfilling her prodigy potential of attending Juilliard to play classical piano. After her parents horrible divorce poor Ronnie continues to lash out against the world around her, building a wall between her and any emotional connections with people. Her father Steve (Greg Kinnear) seeks to make amends with his daughter when Ronnie comes to stay for the summer but soon finds himself at a loss when she continually pushes him away. Ronnie meets Will and at first she sees him like she does everyone else loathsome and annoying but then the two bound and soon Ronnie begins to realise that love can heal old wounds and soon finds herself tearing down her barriers and finding the music in her soul once more. It’s a coming of age story filled with love, heartbreak and reconciliation.



A Walk To Remember is about a teenager with a bad attitude, Landon Carter (Shane West) is the High School bad boy with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove but when his stunts lead to a fellow student getting hurt he is forced to take part in after-school activities or face explusion. Here the grumpy teen meets Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), the shy bookish girl next door who spends her days helping others and being a compassionate caring person. While at first there is some friction between the pair, eventually they begin to realise that there is more to each other that what is on the surface and Landon who could have the choice of any girl he wants finds himself falling for the one girl he would never have looked at twice but when he is faced with Jamie’s secret, will love bring them closer together or will the heartache be too much for the young couple to bare?

A Walk to Remember has it all, the bad boy, the sweet girl, the heart rendering relationship and the soul crushing secret, Miley just can’t cut it as the rebellious teen, she’s no Lindsay Lohan afterall! First point to Mandy and A Walk to Remember




Trailer versus Trailer



Both movies and trailers feature songs by the Teen Queens but for us Mandy and the trailer for a A Walk to Remember has much more of an impact.




Miley versus Mandy



Mandy first came onto the world scene in 1999 with the release of her debut album ‘So Real’ with A Walk to Remember being her breakthrough film, released in 2002 and after a two year break from the world of movies Mandy is all set to make her comeback in two upcoming movies and a television appearance in the series finale of Grey’s Anatomy.



In her time as Teen Queen, Mandy released six studio albums and three compilation albums and prior to her two year break also starred in sixteen movies. As well as singing and acting, Mnady branched into the fashion world releasing her own line, Mblem in 2005.

Miley Cyrus is a name that everyone instantly recognises, shooting to stardom as the preteen sensation Hannah Montanna, Miley has conquered the world and she’s only seventeen years old! The Disney Channel television star released an album following the success of her show which went on to sell 4 million copies worldwide and has been certified as triple x multi-platinum. Since 2003 Miley has taken part in six successful movies, with The Last Song her newest but she will also feature in the upcoming sequel Sex and the City 2.

While Mandy has continued to keep a decent profile over the years, Miley has the staying power to outlast her teen idol rival.


With two points though Mandy trumps Miley and A Walk to Remember is the outright victor of this weeks Movie Wars.