Movie Wars Lost

Which Lost candidate do you think will make it big on the big screen?

So there we have it, after six years and well over 100 episodes, we finally say goodbye to the Island. No more Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Flocke, Kate, not even Hurley with his 101 Star Wars referneces. And while the final episode of Lost may have sparked debate, here comes the real question – what’s next for the survivors of oceanic flight 815 and is there Hollywood fame around the corner?



Of course, some stars are now familar sights on the small screen – Elizabeth Mitchell is the star of “V,” for example, while Ian Somerhalder is one of three crucial characters on “The Vampire Diaries.”


Other cast members are still looking for their next adventure – Josh Holloway and Jorge Garcia – aka Sawyer and Hurley are both waiting to find their next project – and based on Sawyer’s sideways flashes, we see Holloway sticking to his detective roots.

Evangeline Lilly, the actress who played fugitive Kate on the series, has gone on the record to say she plans to take a break from acting after Lost however the actress starred in a small role in “The Hurt Locker” and now plans to star in “Real Steel,” a futuristic boxing drama starring Hugh Jackman and fellow “Lost” alumnus Kevin Durand. We expect big things.

Matthew Fox has been no stranger to Hollywood fame throughout his Lost career having starred in such blockbusters as Speed Racer and Vantage Point. The actor has long been attached to the comic book adaptation “Billy Smoke,” though a full year has elapsed since the latest major update on that project. Well at least he has his loreal commercials…

Meanwhile it seems that Frank Lapidus’ – that’s Jeff Fahey to his friends, who has landed the biggest Hollywood project. to date   He’s part of an all-star cast, including Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba and Robert De Niro, in “Machete,” based on a fictional trailer created for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s “Grindhouse.”

Which Lost candidate do you think will make it big on the big screen?