Movie Wars Freddy vs Jason

To celebrate the release of the new Friday the 13th, we pit Freddy vs. Jason in this week


sees the rise of some the movie world’s most evil beings to ever stalk
our cinema screens. The stuff of nightmares and the reasons why many of
us slept with the lights on, Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kreuger are
getting their chance to scare us all over again with the upcoming
release of ‘Friday the 13th’ we pit these two horror giants against
each other in a battle of gore and…other stuff.







Remake Vs Remake





the 13th (2009) sees Clay Miller, (Jared Padalecki) scouring through
the haunting and dark woods surrounding the mysterious Camp Crystal
Lake, for his lost sister, there he crosses paths with a group of
friends intent on having a wild and crazy weekend in the cabins but
they all soon get more than they bargained for when Jason begins to
pick them off one by one. Nightmare on Elm Street, while a concrete
plot is still lacking, producers have said one of their biggest aims is
to re-invent the story rather than rehash the same story, they want to
give Kreuger a chance against the meddling kids of the 21st Elm Street!



Despite the rehashed script of Friday the 13th, it still has managed to
get to the screen before its twisted counterpart so the first round
goes to Jason!



Freddy: 0, Jason: 1