Movie Wars Descent versus Descent 2

It’s time to go back into those creepy Appalachian caves in The Descent 2 – but can the sequel live up to Neil Marshall’s original? investigates!

Plot Versus Plot





The Descent followed a group of daredevil women on a caving expedition that goes shockingly wrong – and we’re not just talking about getting lost! The film was one of the most terrifying and bloody horrors of the last few years and with a hideously effective ending – so effective in fact that it is hard to see how the next film will follow it up. The Descent: Part 2 follows final girl Sarah Carter as she emerges from the cave system and understandable finds it difficult to explain the horrors she encountered to the mountain rescue authorities. To clear her name, she is forced to return on a rescue mission to the caves in an attempt to explain what lurks there…perhaps not the best idea.