Movie Quiz Nuns On Film

Have you made a habit of our weekly movie quizes yet? Habit.. get it? Try our movie nuns quiz!

With Meryl going all holy on us we decided to look at previous nuns of cinema. There’s been so many ladies of the cloth on film and what’s more, the Academy loves them. We’ve counted at least 14 Oscar nominations for actresses that have portrayed nuns over the years.


The 14 nun roles that received Oscar bids so far: 

Jennifer Jones (“The Song of Bernadette,” 1943), 

Gladys Cooper (“The Song of Bernadette,” 1943), 

Ingrid Bergman (“The Bells of St. Mary’s,” 1945), 

Loretta Young (“Come to the Stable,” 1949), 

Celeste Holm (“Come to the Stable,” 1949) 

Deborah Kerr (“Heaven Can Wait,” 1957), 

Audrey Hepburn (“The Nun’s Story,” 1959), 

Lilia Skala (“Lilies of the Field,” 1963), 

Julie Andrews (“The Sound of Music,” 1965), 

Peggy Wood (“The Sound of Music,” 1965), 

Meg Tilly (“Agnes of God,” 1985), 

Susan Sarandon (“Dead Man Walking,” 1995)

Meryl Streep (“Doubt”, 2009)

Amy Adams (“Doubt”, 2009)

The above only includes Oscar nominated nuns, there have been so many non award winning nuns that we couldn’t help but focus this weeks quiz on the religious ladys.

Try your luck below, it needs Flash 7 or higher installed to load. Let us know how you get on.


Doubt is at Irish cinemas from Feb 27th