Meet the Dreamworks Team

Go behind the scenes of Monsters V Aliens in this video interview

When all-American girl Susan Murphy is inadvertently hit by a falling meteor on her wedding day, she suddenly grows to be nearly 50 feet tall. Enter the U.S. military , who rename the Bride Ginormica and locks her away with a slacker group of other “monsters” in a top-secret compound.

That is until a mysterious alien robot lands on Earth and begins wreaking havoc, these good-hearted but inept creatures are called into action by the President and must band together as a team to save the world from certain catastrophe.

“Monsters versus Aliens” hits Irish cinemas this weekend; Paul Byrne met up with director Rob Letterman and producer Conrad Vernon to discuss 3-D, 2-D and all things monsters:

“Monsters vs. Aliens” is in Irish cinemas from April 3rd.