Knowing Nicolas Cage

Video interview where Nicolas Cage talks about his career and latest film “Knowing”

It’s his character’s line in that movie that numbers are the key to everything and that’s certainly true of Hollywood. Thankfully for Nick Cage, his venture into sci-fi seems to have paid off with the film earning $25 million in its opening weekend – his sixth best box office opening to date.

The sci-fi thriller explores what happens when papers in a 50-year-old time capsule are revealed to contain predictions of every major disaster since it was buried–as well as prophecies of disasters yet to come. Cage plays John Koestler, a professor who attempts to stop predictions of upcoming disasters from becoming reality.

Here, Paul Bryne talks to Cage about going from Indie darling to blockbuster beefcake and working on Alex Proyas’ “Knowing”.

“Knowing” is in Irish cinemas everywhere now