Kelly Reichardt Developing UNDERMAJORDOMO MINOR Adaptation

Kelly Reichardt (‘Wendy and Lucy,’ ‘Night Moves,’ ‘Meek’s Cutoff’) has found her next project. In an interview with The LA Times, the indie auteur revealed she will be adapting Patrick DeWitt’s novel ‘Undermajordomo Minor.’

Published in 2015, the novel follows Lucien “Lucy” Minor, a compulsive liar, a sickly weakling in a town famous for begetting brutish giants. Lucien soon finds employment as Undermajordomo, assisting the Majordomo of a remote, foreboding castle.

There he discovers the place harbours many dark secrets, not least of which is the whereabouts of the castle’s master, Baron Von Aux. Thus begins a tale of polite theft, bitter heartbreak, domestic mystery, and cold-blooded murder.

Reichardt’s latest, the deeply-involving slow-burner ‘Certain Women,’ is released in Irish cinemas March 2017.