Interview with Owen Wilson Jennifer Aniston for Marley Me

Plus Jennifer apologises for Leprechaun – her Irish horror past

When we first heard Owen Wilson was to make his comeback in a romantic comedy we were, shall we say, a little scepticle. Dogs, Jennifer Aniston and love – it all sounded just a little too soppy for our Owen.

Thankfully “Marley and Me” is the exception to the rule. Based on newspaper columnist John Grogan’s best-selling book about his life, Marley & Me is an endearing look at a married couple life, who happen to own one of the more destructive Labradors known to the canine species.

Paul Byrne met up with the film’s stars – Owen Wilson and former Friend Jennifer Aniston to discuss the film, their trip to Ireland and just how many yellow labs died in the making of…




“Marley and Me” is in Irish cinemas now