Interview with Notorious BIGs Mom Voletta Wallace

The mother of one of the world’s most influential rappers- The Notorious B.I.G – talks to about the latest Biggie biopic “”Notorious”.

In his public life, most people only knew one side of the Biggie Smalls – the showboating rapper, who never smiled behind his oversized sunglasses and led a raucous, all-too-dangerous lifestyle.

But there was another man there, a doting father and son, whom his mother Voletta Wallace evoked from the cast and crew of the latest Biggie biopic “Notorious”.

The woman who buried her son when he was just 24 was on the set nearly every day, helping director George Tillman, actor Jamal Woolard (who played her son) and especially Angela Bassett, who played Mrs. Wallace, capture the essence of one of rap’s most influential figures.

Paul Bryne recently met up with Voletta Wallace and the film’s director George Tillman to discuss brining the Notorious B.I.G, her continued lawsuit over her son’s death and what it was like to see her grandson portray a young Biggie on screen.

“Notorious” is in Irish cinemas everywhere now.