HORRORTHON 2014 Full Schedule Revealed

IFI’s annual festival of fear returns from 23rd-27th October 2014, bringing the best and the very worst of scary cinema…

It’s back! IFI Horrorthon 2014 promises to be one of the terrifying vintages in its 17-year brain-splattered, intestine-tangling history. For 5 hair-raising days in the run up to Halloween there’ll be nowhere to hide from Guests of Honour, master of the exploitation flick, Frank Henenlotter and rising star of the ‘scream queens’, Jessica Cameron.

Frank Henenlotter is one of the masters of the exploitation serio-comic horror and a worthy Guest of Honour at this year’s IFI Horrorthon. He’ll be taking part in Q+As after his new documentary That’s Sexploitation as well as looking back at his gory 1982 comedy horror debut ‘Basket Case,’ the 1990 Mary Shelley-inspired ‘Frankenhooker,’ and 1988’s skull-slurping extravaganza ‘Brain Damage.’

To be a scream queen you need a touch of glamour, a real affinity with genre characters and a blood-curdling screech; Jessica Cameron, the second Guest of Honour at IFI Horrorthon has all of the above in spades. She’ll be presenting and taking part in Q&As after her directorial debut ‘Truth or Dare,’ where an angry fan of a faked online show takes its stars hostage and forces them to play the game for real, and her acting appearance in the great haunted house short film ‘The Tour.’

You can check out the full timetable for the festival of fear below:

Thursday October 23rd

19.00 Opening Film: ‘The Babadook’ plus short film, ‘Metamorphosis.’

21.15 ‘The Editor’

23.10 ‘Lost After Dark’

23.10 ‘Gun Woman’

23.15 ‘Monsters: Dark Continent’


Friday October 24th

13.30 ‘The Abominable Dr. Phibes’

15.20 ‘Starry Eyes’

17.15 ‘Night Of The Demon’

19.10 ‘The Light Of Day’ with the directors Amy Carroll, Conor Dowling, Eoin O’Neill in attendance

20.50 ‘Housebound’

23.00 Double Bill: ‘Hellraiser’ & ‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II’

23.00 Double Bill: ‘The Dead 2: India’ & ‘Blood Moon’

23.10 Double Bill: ‘Deadly Virtues’ & ‘The House At The End Of Time’


Saturday October 25th

13.00 ‘Theatre Of Blood’

15.00 ‘Ejecta’

16.45 ‘Coherence’

18.30 ‘Basket Case’ introduced by director Frank Henenlotter, followed by a Q&A.

20.40 ‘Truth Or Dare introduced by director Jessica Cameron, followed by a Q&A.

23.00 ‘Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages’ with with live musical accompaniment by The Dublin Film Ensemble.

23.00 ‘Debug’

23.10 ‘The House With 100 Eyes’


Sunday October 26th

12.00 ‘Literary Readings’ Free Event

13.00 ‘That’s Sexploitation!’ introduced by director Frank Henenlotter.

15.40 Short Film Showcase

17.35 ‘The Greatful Dead’

19.30 Surprise Film

21.15 ‘Alleluia’

23.05 ‘Brain Damage’ introduced by director Frank Henenlotter, followed by a Q&A.

23.10 ‘The Ecstasy Of Isabel Mann’ introduced by veteran Irish horror director Jason Figgis.

23.20 ‘Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla’


Monday October 27th

11.00 ‘House Of Usher’

12.45 ‘Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey Of Richard Stanley’s Island Of Dr. Moreau’

14.40 ‘The Pact 2’

16.40 ‘The Samurai’

18.20 ‘Frankenhooker’ introduced by director Frank Henenlotter, followed by a Q&A.

20.30 Closing Film: ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ with short film, ‘The Tour,’ and introduced by Jessica Cameron.

Individual tickets for the IFI Horrorthon films are on sale now at the IFI Box Office in person, on the phone on 01 679 3477 or online at www.ifi.ie . Those who find themselves sucked deeper into the complex web of terror can get a range of passes ranging from one to five days.