Highest grossing female led films

We take a look at the actresses whose films have earned the most at the box office

Earlier this month, Disney’s FROZEN crossed the $1 billion mark at the box office, and won two awards at the Oscars. This means that Jennifer Lee, the film’s co-director, is the first female director to make it into the $1 billion club. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the female led films that have made the most money at the global box office.


Not only is the Disney winter tale co-directed by a woman, but the film is led by Kristen Bell as Anna and Idina Menzel as Elsa. The film currently sits at $1.026 billion at the global box office, making FROZEN the 15th highest grossing film of all time.


Tim Burton’s retelling of Lewis Carroll’s beloved, surreal and fantastic story carried Mia Wasikowska’s name over the title. Although key elements of the story were changed, making Alice the leader of a revolution against the Red Queen, ALICE IN WONDERLAND made $1.026 billion around the world, leaving it sitting just one below FROZEN; the 16th highest grossing film ever.


Jennifer Lawrence turned into an action heroine in the big screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’s books, set in a dystopian future where kids from poorer areas have to fight to the death to entertain the rich. The first two HUNGER GAMES films have made $1.555 billion around the world combined, although the second film made significantly more than the first. Still, the girl we love, Jennifer Lawrence, leads the films and it is her name above the title of the movies.


Sandra Bullock has had a helluva career so far, but it was with GRAVITY that her name above the title truly made a dent in the global box office. The film has made $714 million around the world so far and this, combined with THE BLIND SIDE’s $309 million and MISS CONGENIALITY’s $213 million sends Ms Bullock over the edge into the billion dollar club.


Kelly McDonald leads the voice cast of BRAVE, voicing the feisty and fearless princess Merida whose life takes a turn when she is forced to choose a suitor. Pixar’s film, directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman, ranks at number 108 in the top grossing movies of all time, and made $237 million at the worldwide box office.

Honourable mentions to Kristen Wiig for BRIDESMAIDS – $288 million, Kristen Stewart for TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 – $829 million, Angelina Jolie for SALT – $293 million, and Sigourney Weaver for ALIEN – $204 million.

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Words: Brogen Hayes