Get Him To The Greek First 5 Minutes online

We have the first 5 minutes of the new Russell Brand movie

One of the films we’re most excited about this summer is Russell Brand’s ‘Get Him To The Greek’. A spin-off from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, Greek takes the 2 best characters from that film and gives them their own story. Advance word on the film is very strong, and judging by the first 5 minutes it looks like it has the makings of a comedy classic.

We have the first 5 minutes of the movie, check it out below. Keep an eye out for our own Colm Meaney, who plays Russell’s father in the movie.

Check it out below (best watched in full screen – click the expand button).

Also check out Universal’s Facebook page for some opportunities to win tickets to the preview.

GET HIM TO THE GREEK opens in Ireland on June 23rd 2010

We’re interviewing the cast next week, keep an eye on for video interviews with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.