Five Great On Screen Dads celebrates Robin Williams triumphant return to the big screen in World’s greatest Dad with Five Great On Screen Dads

Royal Tenenbaum

Perhaps the most unscrupulous father in modern cinema, Royal Tenenbaum is also one of the most entertaining. Sure he may lie and tell you he’s got cancer to smooth over an argument but Royal is the definition of the lovable rogue…although we’d prefer to have him as a father-in-law perhaps

Captain Von Trapp

It’s mot easy being a dad, which is especially true for Captain Von Trapp. A dead wife, a house full of unruly children and the ever looming threat of Nazism. So props go to Christopher Plummer for his role as the stern whistle wielding father whos heart melts at the sight of Edelweiss.

George McFly Sr.

The geekiest dad to make the list, George McFly is weedy, cowardly and a complete pushover but when Marty by his side to help him stand up for himself you can’t help but feel inspired! Who doesn’t love an underdog?

The Addams Family: Gomez Addams

He’s the only dad to make the list who can tango the night away and lets not forget THAT MOUSTACHE. Raul Julia gave us perhaps the slickest and sickest paters in film history as the head of the slightly unusual Addams family.

Darth Vader

There’s is the relationship that defines father/son dysfunction, Luke and Darth Vader spend most of the time trying to kill each other. The revelation that he is the “spawn of Vader” as it were is a little upsetting for goody two shoes Luke. Mind you, if you suddenly found out that your dad was an evil overlord and you’d been making moves on your sister you’d be a little peeved too…