Five Great Ben Stiller Roles celebrates the return of the Fockers with five great Ben Stiller characters!

There’s Something About Mary


Stiller’s hilarious breakout spawned an ongoing generation of crude romantic comedies. Carefully walking each side of the spectrum, Stiller’s performance is a excellent precursor to the rest of his successful career.


The Royal Tenenbaums



“One minute, 48 seconds. We’re all dead. Burnt to a crisp.” Stiller takes a break from his traditional comedy roles for the equally (if not more) hilarious Royal Tenenbaums. Here, Stiller plays a dysfunctional parent, who is frantically safety conscious dad after the recent death of his wife. An underrated performance Stiller delivers a perfect blend of comedy with tragedy for this Wes Anderson masterpiece.




Ben Stiller brings us one of the funniest movies to ever grace our screens, with a multitude of stars and some of the greatest comic scenes to ever hit cellulude. The film is endlessly quotable and not only shot Stiller to the top, it cemented the comic careers of Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. It also has some of the best cameos, including David Bowie and Billy Zane.


Reality Bites



Ben Stiller proved both his acting and directing chops on the 90’s classic ‘Reality Bites’, playing a hardnosed yuppie who falls for a free spirited Winona Ryder. Definately a movie worth rooting out if you have yet to see it.


Tropic Thunder



Here we go again… again!” Once again Stiller steps behind the camera for this tongue-in-cheek portrayal of action heroes; he leads an excellent ensemble cast that includes Jack Black, Steve Coogan and Robert Downey Jnr. Stiller character’ Speedman is outright hysterical and he gets added points for directing, part of which earned Robert Downey Jr. a supporting actor Oscar nod.