Five Great Angelina Jolie Performances

As Salt hits cinemas, looks at five of Angelina Jolie’s best on-screen performances.


Often overlooked, the TV movie is considered by many as Jolie’s real coming out as a dedicated actress. She presented the life of model Gia Marie Carangi in a believable and passionate sense letting the viewer experience the downward spiral of drug addiction.

Girl Interrupted

The story of mental afflictions and treatment is a challenging role for any actress, yet Jolie proved herself up for the task. Based on Susanna Keysen’s memoir about her stint in a Massachusetts mental hospital during the late 1960s, Jolie’s performance earned her the actress a much deserved Oscar nod


The true story of a child’s disappearance, a mother’s fight to find her child, and a police department that fails to understand that bond. Of all the roles Jolie has played this is possibly the most challenging. The premise of the story is hard to grasp even today, yet Jolie does so and presents a saddened mother frantic with fear, worry and disbelief.

Playing by Heart

Despite an A-list cast including Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid, Madeleine Stowe and Ellen Burstyn, Playing by Heart virtually vanished from view back in the late ‘90s – much to the loss of film-goers. Written and directed by Willard Carroll, this ensemble romantic dramedy delivered many fine performances and none better then Ms. Jolie’s.


A well tatted Angelina takes on a fraternity of assassins and holds a magnum like you wouldn’t believe. What, you need more than that? Well, maybe a sequel…

SALT is now showing in Irish cinemas