Five Films to feel Summery looks on the bright side of life we five films that you feel summery!

Years of wet and windy summers have made the Irish a cynical bunch. Sure we may have just enjoyed some lovely sunshine this week but already we’re predicting disaster for the rest of the summer – hang your shorts back up folks, that WAS the summer. Well hopefully that won’t be the case but if it is, we’ve picked out five films that make you feel summery. Even if there’s a gale blowing outside.

1. A Time to Kill

This hot and sticky adaptation of the John Grisham novel sees Matthew McConaughey sweating his way through a court case that could make or break his career. What’s most memorable about the film though has to be the way the stifling heat of the deep south almost pours from the screen while the entire cast look like they could do with a cold beer and a change of shirt. The courtroom scenes are particularly suffocating. It’s enough to give us the vapours!

2. Big Wednesday

After all that you may need a refreshing dip in the sea and what better way to do it than alongside the surfer dudes of classic 70’s flick, Big Wednesday. The film follows three friends as they re-unite for The Big Swell of 1974. Matt, Jack and Leroy have been through the traumatic end of the sixties and return to their old stomping ground to relive happier times. The ultimate beach movie with breath-taking surf sequences.

3. Mamma Mia

That’s the cool holiday with friends out of the way, so what about the slightly embarrassing family trip? Mamma Mia reminds us of every time our relatives had a little too much sun and sangria and decided to relive their disco youth with a bash on the karaoke. Yes it may all be a little cringe-worthy but we still wouldn’t mind taking a trip to the idyllic Grecian island where it’s set!

4. My Summer of Love

A little closer to home this time as we visit a stifling summer in rural Yorkshire. The BAFTA winning My Summer of Love stars Natalie Press and Emily Blunt as unlikely friends that grow close over the course of a balmy hot summer. Hazy fields and meadows form the backdrop to their long, lazy summer. We can almost smell the wildflowers! The score by Alison Godfrapp adds to the dreamy quality of it all.

5. Dirty Dancing

We genuinely wish we could spend our summer holidays learning to mambo at the Kellerman’s resort in the Catskill Mountains. Sadly though this will never be. Instead we’ll just have to live vicariously through the Houseman family. This film has all the trappings of summer – the hot sticky weather, the family holiday, the watermelons…If only Butlins was a bit more like this!