Five Films to feel Claustrophobic

As Ryan Reynolds get BURIED, we take a look at five of the best claustrophobic movies…




A strong argument for never EVER venture caving. You might run out of food or get trapped in a narrow crevasse but really don’t want to find out what’s lurking in the dark this far underground…





Five complete strangers wake in a cube and must work together in order to escape but as they go from room to room they find out more about each other and eventually things turn NASTY. Shot entirely inside a cube, after a while those walls look like they are closing in, very claustrophobic!






Picture it, it’s late at night, you’ve just moved in and bulgars are at your front door! What do you do – run to your local panic room of course, but what if what those burglars want happens to be in there? If the thoughts of being trapped in this small space aren’t enough, Twilight’s Kristen Stewart is also there, playing Jodi Fosters daughter. TERRIFYING.





Part of the feeling of claustrophobia is the feeling of not being able to escape, and that is the exact feeling that James Caan feels when psychotic Kathy Bates kidnaps him in one Stephen King best adaptations. The movie takes place in a tiny mountain home in the middle of nowhere, which means that if Caan was able to escape, he would still have nowhere to go, especially after receiving a sledgehammer to the ankle.






Romero’s first film is not only the daddy of all zombie movies, it made deserted farmhouses just as terrifying as the Bates motel. The movie also became the blueprint for every “trapped in the house” horror film that followed, like ‘Signs’ (aliens!) and ‘The Strangers’ (masked psychos!).