Five Festive Treats This Christmas Day

Looking for some festive treats? picks the best on the box this Christmas Day to keep your festive hearts warm!

Pirates of the Caribbean: RTE One, 6.40pm

Feeling sickly after that third helping of Grandmother’s Turkey? Well settle in for what was the best pirate movie to grace our screens before all the sequels turnred out stomachs! With jaw-dropping special effects, a superb script and a show-stealing performance from Johnny Depp, this swashbuckling adventure will remind you what was good about the Pirates franchise.

Doctor Who A Christmas Carol: BBC One, 6pm

Taking a break from the crack in Amy Pond’s wall, everyone’s favourite Timelord returns in this year’s festive special. A magical spin on the Dickens classic of the same name and features Katherine Jenkins as Abigail and Michael Gambon as Kazran. Expect the usual Doctor Who thrills in what writer Steven Moffat has promised will be ‘It’s all your favourite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters!

Enchanted: RTE One, 2.55pm


For those looking for a dose of whimsy this season, RTE will be showing Disney’s Enchanted. The film follows princess Giselle (Amy Adams), who is swept off her feet by the dashing Prince Edward (James Marsden) and the two make plans to live happily ever after. However, Edward’s mother, the Wicked Queen (Susan Sarandon) banishes Giselle from her magical, musical, animated land and Giselle finds herself on the gritty, live-action streets of modern-day Manhattan… Comedy and the season whimsy of Disney ensues…


Stop, You’re Killing Me: RTE Two, 11.20pm

Looking for a late laugh, well don’t forget to check out this hilarious stand-up comedy performance from Vicar Street featuring such big Irish names as Dylan Moran, Dara O’Brian, and Ardal O’Hanlon.


Carrie: C4, 12:10am

For all those grinches out there, C4 are perfectly happy to accomdoate with a late night horror fest in the form of Stephen King’s Carrie. From its disturbing opening to its shocking climax, Carrie will surely knock the festive spirit right out of you!